About Us

We are proud employees of school jurisdictions, colleges, universities, trade schools and the provincial government. ​ The Executive of the Association is made up of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting from the membership at large. 
Through an initiative of the staff of Alberta Education, AEFAA was formed in 1971, and achieved recognition as a Society in 1974.

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President's Message

With a long awaited end to 2020, we start 2021 with students back in our schools, a vaccine being distributed and a hope for some sense of normalcy to soon return. 


2020 sure gave us more than its share of challenges; schools in – schools out, one months’ notice on how we will start the school year, enhanced cleaning, a fight for PPE and disinfectants, loss or personal connections and more money to spend.  Facilities departments are pros at cutting costs, saving pennies and cutting corners, 2020 came the challenge of extra money thrown at us and a deadline to spend it by.  I am sure each one of us rose to the challenge and didn’t leave too much on the table for fear of never seeing it again. We persevered like always.


2021 membership has opened with renewed hope for in person gatherings in 2021.  The missed October PD session has been rescheduled for January 14.  Mental Toughness training couldn’t be more fitting at this time.  The Executive has been working hard checking out all of our options for a Spring Conference, whether it is a return to in person or a virtual conference. We can’t wait to see everyone again.


On behalf of the executive I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your support in 2020.  We wish each of you all the best in 2021. 


Stay safe and thank you.

Tammy Parry

President, AEFAA

Mission & Values

Our mission statement reflects the objective of our society, namely: "to work in partnership with Alberta education school jurisdictions in providing teaching and learning environments which promote excellence in education."

AEFAA's objectives are achieved by conducting workshops and an annual conference focusing on topics relevant to the professional development of our members.

  • Exemplary Service

  • High Quality 

  • Safe and Reliable