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Students and Teacher in Classroom
SAIT Applied Management Courses

Ideal for aspiring, new and current supervisors or managers, this program will improve your management acumen through practical, skill-oriented business courses. Available through interactive workshop-style classes as well as online courses, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's industry-leading instructors will challenge and build your core business, leadership and management skills.

SAIT Project Management Courses

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology takes a practical approach using real-world case studies to hone your skills in overseeing complex projects. You will learn how to address key areas of project management, including human resources, communication, time integration, cost, quality and risk procurement.

SAIT 5th Class Power Engineering

Fifth Class prepares students to take the Provincial Fifth Class Power Engineering exam or the equivalent low-pressure heating plant certificate provincial exam. 

SAIT 4th Class Power Engineering

Fourth Class is the starting point for those looking to work with high pressure boilers. 

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